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Online Tools used within planning processes

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Online Tools used within planning processes

(by Lara Niehus, Public Management)

Do you have to organize a project soon? This article will show you which online tools can be used to plan and structure your project more easily.

Planning means having a look at the future and determining potential activities. You consider when, how, and who is going to be responsible for a particular task. Planning refers to a long-term planning as well as a short-term planning.

A lack of good planning can lead to project failure or unmotivated employees or team members. It makes sense to use tools that suit your organization to control your projects as a manager. There is a wide range of different providers on the market, and it is mandatory to evaluate the assets and drawbacks of your own organization. With Online Tools such as apps or software, you can create visual working plans. Particularly in the digital era, software and apps are essential tools for daily processes and projects. In the following, you can find some online tools for structuring your projects.

Trello is a work management tool where teams can organize tasks and split responsibilities in a visual way. You can create boards where you have a good overview of all tasks, the tasks being in process, and tasks that are already finished. To keep your deadlines in mind, you can define due dates and implement reminders. Furthermore, you can add attachments to each task. This is an essential aspect of effectiveness and efficiency, having all essential information available for each task. To see your work from many different perspectives, you can easily choose between a timeline, a table, a calendar, a dashboard, or a map. A time-saving feature is that you can create a workflow. You create an automatic process and set a few rules and commands. Afterward, your team can focus on the most important tasks.

Another software is Ntask. Ntask enables a team to manage a project or daily tasks within the following features: A task manager shows you what you will be working on and the status of projects. It gives an overview of outstanding items and when they have to be finished. You can issue subtasks or set repeat tasks. In order to keep the schedule, there is a feature to prioritize the different tasks and to fix different deadlines. For a team project, it is important to provide a transparent project status available for each member of the project. For good communication Ntask has implemented a team chat for comments, notices, and enclosures like documents, drafts or diagrams. Another feature called “productive meeting management” gives the possibility to create a schedule for a meeting with a clearly defined agenda, including space for discussion notes and key decisions at the end of the meeting. All necessary tools are included in Ntask. Even the audio/video call app so that there is no need to switch over to other video call providers.

Finally, the software provider “TeamGantt” can be described as an easy-handling project manager. Via drag and drop, you can reorder tasks easily with just one click. Moreover, you have an overview of all projects on one screen. That gives you a quick overview of your tasks and responsibilities. The involved team members are named and assigned to each project. The status and progress of a project are always available so that the project manager can evaluate the project in time. More evaluation is possible with the summary of working hours which have been investigated for different tasks of the project. Another advantage is the possibility to download an App that enables more flexibility for the employees for meetings out of the office.

In general, you can find a wide range of online tools for project management on the market. Advantages and disadvantages have to be evaluated and related to the individual requirements and performance of your organization. In the end it is important that it fits your commitment and the motivation of your team members so that your projects will be well organized and finished successfully.