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Geschrieben von Tina am 16. Juli 2023


Hochschulpodcast – Episode 43

as our guests: Dr. Andrea Kenkmann & Sharon Elaine Keegan M.Sc.

In this podcast, I welcome my guests Sharon and Andrea to explore the controversial topic of ageism. In an honest and enlightening discussion, we debunk typical stereotypes and prejudices and talk about the absurd success of the anti-aging industry. Together, we examine the societal challenges associated with the growing target group of older people and delve into the cultural differences in the treatment of the elderly. With a blend of personal stories, research findings and expert opinions, this podcast provides a platform to broaden our perspective on aging and promote a more mindful approach to older individuals. Dive into a world where age discrimination is no longer a taboo and new insights into life in later years are unveiled.

Sharon, Tina and Andrea (from left to right)