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Do you feel like brewing, marketing and exporting a Belgian Beer?

Geschrieben von Melano Dadalauri am 27. Mai 2019


Do you feel like brewing, marketing and exporting a Belgian Beer?

If your answer is “Yes!”, then look forward to where you can experience it. In Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, near Brussels, the International Marketing Week took place from 22 April 2019 to 26 April 2019. In groups that consisted of students from Europe, an export and marketing concept was developed to realize a market development of Belgian beer.

The project was neither a simulation nor a theoretical construct. The locally based, traditional brewery “Bertinchamps” was the purchaser of the projects. The brand is recognizable by a large “B” and currently sells its products throughout Belgium. The current trend shows that the beer consumption of Belgian citizens is decreasing. Accordingly, the family-owned company is looking for new markets for its high-quality beers. The project groups, therefore, focused on exporting to a country outside of Belgium. When adjusting the marketing mix, all four “P’s” ( for Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) could be adapted to the country. In addition, a new flavor could be developed. However, the flavor should be done to the high Belgian brewing art, as well as to the use of pure and natural ingredients.

International Marketing Week was communicated mainly in English. The ideas and cultural exchange developed outstanding ideas, such as “Berties Kuppelkasten” for the beer market in Germany.

University College EPHEC in Louvain-la-Neuve organized the International Marketing Week. In the village, there is the architecturally interesting Musee Hergé. The museum was built in honor of the creator of “Tintin et Milou” (in English: Tim and Struppi).

The accommodation was the Adeps Center, where also Olympians and athletes stay overnight. This belonged to a huge sports complex.

Maybe the International Office has the right to stay abroad for you!

(Blog by Yannik Köchy, Tim Schöbel Sandrina Staible, translated by Melano Dadalauri)